This is the  page for my

international friends

All portraits and cartoons... are of course all about the job, but if you would like a 

personal design

no problem, just let me know


Thank you very 'Mugs'

Big mugs, small espresso cups... they can all be ordered. Whether you would like a standard design or with a personalized touch, just let me know.

Mail me, and let's start looking for what you would like printed on the mug.

These 'Thank you very Mugs' are dishwasher safe but do not bounce too well.

All mugs are personalized, and the cartoon will remain in the repository for future requests.

It is also possible to press the cartoons on other sublimation articles. The format of the cartoon is big enough to fit a door!

Because of popular demand the

Espresso Mug (6 Oz) 

is available too!



from €25,-